24 August 2007

Visual Studio Font and Color Customisation

Back in Visual Studio 2003 i had a period where I experimented with tweaking the code interface layout. Courier New is an old dog and the white background can get a little trivial. But I have always ended back to the default layout because the chances distacted me from the code.

I'm currently in a period with a massive amount of coding going on at work and I again thought of trimming the workspace.

With VS2005 there is a very simple interface for exporting and importing of ones settings. I stumbled upon a nice site where some like minded developers have uploaded and shared there setups.

Is your IDE Hot or Not? (I love ZenBurn!)

I have now run with the one called ZenBurn for a while, where I have just tweaked that the active selectedtext is the same dark gray as the inactive selected text. The font is Called "Consolas" and is developed from Microsoft for optimising the fonts in ClearType. I had it installed, think it might have come with Visual Studio, otherwise it can be found on Microsoft Download.

So do your self a favour, try to change your default coding font to Consolas and see if you don't like it better. I heard its the font you might find at many microsoft presentations where you see the code font is tweaked.

And if you wanna live in the dark side of Visual Studio, try out the ZenBurn scheme.

Excellent Scheme.

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