21 March 2017

Versioning .NET builds with MsBuild Tasks using TFS Revision or Git Revision

MSBuild - Detecting latest TFS Revision on Project Folder level using tf.exe history and replaces the Revision in AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion for AssemblyInfo.cs prior to building the project with CustomTasks in csproj.

Inspired by

I set off to create an MsBuild Tasks file that could be imported into csproj files and that calls tf.exe history as command line to get the latest revision on a project folder and embedding in the build assembly version revision number. I did not want this to be hidden in a build server step and I wanted the code to be open if a developer needed to investigate the tasks.

The end result is shared in this Gist:

(Updated with Git support on 2017-07-28)

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