03 January 2007

An Inconvenient Truth / Al Gore

I saw the movie that describes the latest statistics and facts about the current climate crisis and i really think the earth has a huge problem, if nothing is done I don't think our biggest problem in 2030 will be that we are all out of fossil fulls, I think we will be in the next Ice age and basic survival of human kind will be our main concern.

You can choose to see the movie or read some of my notes !

The CO2 levels of the atmosphere can be traced back 600.000 years because gases have been trapped in the ice at the polls, in this period the CO2 particle per million never went above 300, an ice age was when the particle per million went under 150. In 2005 the particle per million of the atmosphere is 500, it past 300 in the early 70's. Now if 150 is the difference between ice age and livable conditions, what will it mean to the world temperature with 500+ and accelerating !?

There are many statistics being laid very clearly by Mr. Al Gore and many of them I had never heard, e.g. he has managed to have the U.S. Navy publish its data on the thickness of the polar ice cap, this has been registered over the last 30 years because the submarines can only emerge if the ice cap is a specific minimum thickness. This as one of many facts clearly shows that the north pole is on its way to disappearing.

If Greenland melts away the deep see currents will stop moving because all the fresh water from the melting ice will disrupt the salt balance in the deep water currents. If that happens a new ice age will begin.

From 2002 till now the Polls have been diminishing at an accelerated rate, faster than any scientists had thought, this is due to the fact that when more ice surface melts there is a larger sea area exposed to the sun, meaning more heat is absorbed in the surrounding water. In the south poll where there is bedrock the melt water that normally comes on the surface of the ice caps does not freeze back down as normally but instead it helps detaching the ice surface from the ground and thereby helps lubricate the ice to fall of the ground and in the water. Furthermore when the outer layers of ice sheets that floats in the water disappear there is not the same support for the ice masses on land.

If the north poll melts away it will not change the water levels but when ice that is currently up on the continents starts falling / melting into the oceans this increases water levels world wide. In other words, don't buy a house that is under the current +20 meter water level, that will soon be the new sea level worldwide.

These floods will mean the land area of the earth will become smaller, and 100 of millions will become refugees. Furthermore at the end of world war II there was 2.5 billion humans, we are currently 6,5 and in 2030 we are estimated to be 9 billion most of these are born near coastal areas.

The last ice age started within a decade, 10 years...

We have set temperature records all over the world in the last 15 years, 2005 and 2006 being records also. By burning fossil fuels at the current rate we release all the CO2 that has been slowly caught in plants and trees in millions of years within an extremely short period 30-50 years of course this has an impact !!! The warmer climate is already making the weather more extreme in many many ways.

Terrorism is not the problem!
The fact that we are going to run out of fossil fuels within 20 years is not the problems either !

The fact that the planet will heat up and create storms and floods is a problem !
The fact that this will lead to the stop of the global deep sea currents leading to a new ice age is a problem !

The world needs to stop bullshitting climate issues and focus on solving this climate crisis or we might see the end of the human civilization as we know it within the next 50-100 years. The movie tells the facts and tries to give possible solutions to turn the current direction and i needs to be seen by as many as possible not just for there entertainment but for the future of us all.

See "An Inconvenient Truth" !

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