20 June 2016

Making Umbraco or any .Net CMS respect default documents

HttpHandler that helps respect the Request flow and serves the default documents of a directory instead of allowing e.g. Umbraco to kidnap the request for there purposes.

IIS does not serve the Default Document when set in Integrated pipeline mode. E.g. after installing Umbraco the httpModules will catch any traffic to the site and will return a 404 page instead of actually passing to the existing file system. In this case I wanted to add umbraco on top of an old asp and html based site. We did not want to move large amount of archive content, so using this modules allows for the classic Default Documents to be respected even if you are in a modern setup where Default Documents are being ignored. So first we check the file system for a response document if non is found the request is allowed to continue to Umbraco, allowing us to extend the existing content with Umbraco instead of having to nuke everything.

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