15 January 2016

Opening a Sennheiser HD570 for repair

I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-570 headphones, which I love, but they recently lost sound on the right side.

I thought, like anyone, that the 3m cable needed replacement, I bought a new cable and foam for the head piece from Amazon only to find that the right side was still dead.

I searched the internet for information on how to take apart the hearpiece to get to the speaker piece but to no avail. I had focused on getting to the speaker from the inside because the external part is so solid, but i have today found the right way to get into the spearker. Only to find that the plug had fallen out !!! 

The cable can drop out of the plug on a HD570!
A very simple fix if you get in.

Attack from below with small object

 The bottom is a simple click tab

The upper part is more of a 90 degree tab.

I used a flat screw driver head and force

Take care of the head bar location because the cover is so large.
Start by clicking off the bottom

 Open up the head part and click the top part of the external cover

Move the head bar back to taking of the cover piece.

Become shocked to find that the cable has just dropped out of connection!
Close up on the fastening points of the outer piece, so you can see how much violence you are allowed to use ;)

Put the cable back where is belongs and cover back on... and done!

The pads do get worn, but you can still buy replacement pads from Amazon, cheaper than replacing the headset.

The sound in my Sennheiser HD570 is still great after 15+ years of service. 


Anonymous said...

Yesterday the right speaker of my beloved HD-570 died.
It was exactly this problem! Plugged it back in and it's good to go for another 20 years :)
Yep, I bought this in 1998 and with a bit of love and polish it's still the best headphone I ever used. So light to wear and great sound.

jp said...

Thank you sir !!! I had the same problem and your step by step instructions help me to repair 1!!



Olivertwyst said...

Thanks so much for this detailed instruction. I was able to fix my 570s and get rid of a pincher bug carcass I found inside.

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!! Just managed to fix them, the same thing had happened, after being so sad for months of not being able to use them

Unknown said...

ūüĎćSame thing,now works great!

JoeyJoeJoe said...

This is exactly what I needed to resurrect the best damn headphones I've ever had. My issue was the sound from the right side was intermittent but after following this guide and messing around with the connector it now works 100% of the time. Sounds like it did when I bought it.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jan! That worked like a charm. My headphones are 20 years old but alive and kickin' thanks to you!

PO said...

thank you for posting this. Mine still work fine though the pads need replacement but good to know about this if it happens to me. These are the most underrated headphones - so comfortable and excellent sound. Strange they were discontinued

kajot said...

Wow, thank you!Exactly the same happened to my headphones:-)

Anonymous said...

Super, thanks, seems like putting that plug in more securely may have fixed mine too. Did you put anything on to keep the connection from falling out again... Cheers Craig

Jan said...

I took years before it fell out, so I simply tighted the plug a bit and put it on again.