19 September 2014

Helping identify segments in Sitecore Analytics vs Game Analytics

Sitecore Symposium 2014 had a session that showed a preview of what Machine Learning could do to the platform in a short while. In the following MVP event I participated in an interesting Digital Strategist Round table session, i scribbled a note saying ”Helping identify segments” in the context of talking about the Machine Learning session.

At 1508 we have an ex-colleague that works for http://www.gameanalytics.com/

They work with Game Analytics and have a large scale analytics platform. In some ways completing game levels and gathering power-ups can resemble the analogies of goals and experience points of the Sitecore Analytics universe.

These four blog posts cover some of the theory regarding attacking such a task as "Helping identify segments" in big-data.

I found these inspiring, and though I should share. 

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